Downtown Sights

I was in downtown Columbus, OH shooting some images for my class project and wanted to include some personal images for myself. One of my favorites was this old Federal Savings and Loan bank. The structure intrigued me and the texture made it more interesting.  I also shot some images of the Chase and FiFth Third building. The sky made them look too cool. These were shot with my Galaxy Nexus phone using VIngnette camera.

The Night

I often have urges to shoot at random times. It was about 12 :30am when I decided to take to the streets of my block. It was windy out, and had just finished raining. In my mind it was the perfect time to shoot this image.


Ektar 100 film

I've been dabbling back into film and i grabbed one of the best rolls of film i've ever shot with; Kodak Ektar 100. Although expired, I knew it was still a winner . I liked the color shifts in it and the results of pushing it to ISO 400.