Dwain Thomas Photographer. Creator. Visualizer


Dwain Thomas is an American photographer born and raised in Columbus, Ohio. He has always had a knack for capturing the moment. 

Dwain started his passion for photography in Atlanta, Georgia. His passion started with a $40 film camera and lens kit from a pawn shop on his way home from hanging out with a friend riding the MARTA. Minutes later, he was packed with film and ready to practice. As time went on, Dwain has built a brand and look and is known for his contrast and shadowy style. 

Dwain is a fan of music which has allowed him to work with corporations like Radio One Columbus and work with celebrities Mix Master Ice, Rashad, The Liquid Crystal Project and Lil Bizzy. Dwain has been published in magazines and local newspapers as well as album covers.

Dwain travels between Columbus, New York city and Atlanta doing various projects and personal travels.